We are so proud and had the best time designing and producing this insanely epic Casamigos Halloween Party right alongside of our amazing partner Casamigos. Casamigos outdid themselves once again as their annual Halloween party legacy continues. This year’s party took place at a private home in Beverly Hills with branded moments throughout from custom LED lit lucite logos on the front hedges of the home to the photo moments and content to the specialty designed bars. Once guests made their way through the paparazzi filled entrance and into the gated yard, they were greeted by an incredible scenic replica of the infamous Casamigos tequila truck complete with realistic 3D elements including an LED lined frame, flashing hazard lights and headlights integrated into the truck’s side imagery. The truck features a Halloween version of the Halloween Casamigos graphic along with George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman holding pitch forks with agaves. The experiential moment served as both a branded photo op as well as a fun backdrop for the iconic “bell shot” experience. As guests successfully hit the bell, the lights will flash on Rande and George’s graphic motorcycle. The truck appeared to have been taken over by skeletons who raided the contents and then celebrating with some Casamigos of their own. This scenic display along with an incredible agave style “pumpkin patch” with dozens of custom created LED lined neon agaves, completely encapsulates the front yard. As guests make their way through the home, they will move through a dynamic custom LED paneled tunnel with mirrored ceiling featuring curated content of the Casamigos founders riding down Route 66 on motorcycles with skeletons and flags against an ominous evening sky. The tunnel will help transport guests into a physical manifestation of the Casamigos’ Metaverse. This immersive experience includes a 360-degree video projection installation with overhead screens featuring custom Casamigos themed content set to music. Guests also had the opportunity to create playful gifs while riding a branded see saw in front of a futuristic backdrop in an LED style gif photo booth. Massive diamond mirrored bars with LED back bars lined with Casamigos Tequila serve as the party’s centerpiece of the night with bartenders and servers outfitted in stylish futuristic attire. Sleek lounge furniture, specialty cocktails, delicious late-night bites and a live DJ will round out the evening and bring the extraordinary energy Casamigos Halloween parties are famous for.

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