Casamigos Truck 2020

Rande Gerber and George Clooney along with the Casamigos team pulled off one heck of a bad a$$ activation during a global pandemic! Celebs who were visited by this experience were in for a surprise as they stepped through the ominous black shredded curtain and into the interior of truck that was completely retrofitted into an over-the-top Casamigos Halloween Experience. Skeletons affixed to the interior of the truck are also dressed for the occasion wearing Casamigos branded Onesies. Cauldrons and Branded Tote Bags were distributed to each of the guests who dare to take a tour as they are immediately enveloped into a Haunted Halloween style experience. The spooky graphic prints, 3D wall elements, full lighting package with haze and a low-lit vibe, welcome guests as they find their way to the custom Casamigos floating shelves casting a haunting glow. Personalized Sugar Skull goodies adorned these shelves from individually boxed Casamigos Milk Duds, Casamigos Red Vines, Casamgios Sour Patch Kids and Casamigos Popcorn Buckets.  In addition, those that were of age, were treated to liter size bottles of their favorite Casamigos Tequila from Reposado, Blanco, Anejo and Mezcal.  Custom branded mason jars complete with a specialty pre-batched cocktail were also available for the taking to create your own specialty drink at home and personalized Casamigos growlers were also on hand for special guests.. And if that weren’t enough, Casamigos created branded onesies in all sizes so their guests can get cozy and enjoy the night with their favorite tequila and scary movie. Of course, there was also the ultimate photo moment as the truck included a one-of-a-kind “chopper” and agave headlight where guests can take a selfie and join their ride.


Casamigos truly outdid themselves with this COVID friendly experience and ability to bring the party to their guests!





Bar for Halloween Party

Halloween Party 2020


Halloween Party Casamigos