DreamWorks Mr. Peabody & Sherman Blogger Event

In DreamWorks Animation’s new movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman, the two characters travel back in time and experience world-changing events and interact with some of history’s greatest characters. To celebrate the upcoming release of the film, DreamWorks Animation invited thirty Mommy Bloggers from across the nation to come directly to DreamWorks Campus and experience the film. Not only did the bloggers get to see the film, but they then got to experience four components from the movie that took place throughout history. Each room featured custom fabricated décor elements from the film and an interactive lesson from one of the filmmakers. These bloggers traveled through time from King Tut’s reign in Egypt, where they learned the process of pitching one scene in an animated film, to Troy, where they saw the Trojan Horse from the film come to life and learned how to draw Mr. Peabody. Their next stop was the Italian Renaissance, where the bloggers interacted with Green Screen technology to recreate a scene from the film, and their final stop was the French Revolution, where they watch exclusive footage from the film and enjoyed a replicated cake from the French Revolution scene. Each room featured custom sourced props from an Egyptian Sarcophagus and Sphinx to models of Da Vinci’s inventions and rich red drapery.

Peabody - 1

Peabody - 2

Peabody - 3

Peabody - 4