GMA brings “Home” to your hometown

THE FIRM, formerly known as Samantha Sackler Productions, had the wonderful pleasure of being a part of Good Morning America Brings ‘HOME’ to Your Home Town:

Cheryl Jackson who started a food pantry in her hometown using food from her own kitchen was surprised by the stars of the new animated movie “Home.” Rihanna, Steve Martin and Jim Parsons appeared on “Good Morning America”  that she would get and attend a red carpet premiere of their new movie Home in her hometown of Plano, Texas.

She won the contest with her generosity of giving to the community.  Jackson started Minnie’s Food pantry that has served over 4 million people.   DreamWorks Animation donated food to feed 50,000 people and Rihanna also donated $10,000 of food to Minnie’s Food Pantry as a result.

After the winner was announced, THE FIRM team only had only 4 days to create a full 150’ red carpet to premiere DreamWorks’ new movie ‘Home’ at the Cinemark in Plano, Texas. Stars Rihanna and Jim Parsons arrived as they were greeted by hundreds of fans who waited in the hot sun for hours to see them. We even had a special appearance from the movie’s animated characters Oh and Captain Smek.

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