LOGAN Premiere

The Wolverine series was celebrated with the premiere of LOGAN on Friday, February 24 at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. When Twentieth Century Fox came to THE FIRM, formerly known as Samantha Sackler Productions, for the event, they stressed the importance of this film to the studio. It was imperative to have a well thought out and beautifully designed red carpet to honor the film and the series as a whole.

When THE FIRM began to design the red carpet, the goal was to create a sleek and sophisticated look; one that worked with Jazz at Lincoln Centers existing aesthetic, not against it. The red carpet featured a 60’W x 8’H black step and repeat with the crisp Logan logo in white. Black and white canvas printed photos from the Logan Look Book were framed and hung on the step and repeat to dress the wall. The photos were well thought out and told a story in itself of how the movie progresses. The black and white design popped in the room featuring classy gold curtains and walls.

On the video crew side, the 60’W x 8’H wall was made from black and white sintra with cut outs of the Logan logo. This gave the wall dimension and a very clean finish. The Logan posters featured an image of Hugh Jackman walking in front of a bold and beautiful, yellow and orange sunset. The colors were strong and vibrant against the smooth black and white sintra.

With a gorgeous view of Central Park, THE FIRM knew incorporating that as a backdrop had to be done. Fans were brought in to watch the red carpet event and enjoy cast and crew interviews with MC Garrett Vogel from z100. Black 96”W x 48”H bang boards were printed with the Logan logo in white to tie the fan area in with design from the press wall. From a branding standpoint, keeping the design consistent in this area was important. In addition to the bang boards, oversized vinyl decals of the Logan logo and sunset poster were affixed on the windows overlooking Central Park.

The energy brought to the room by the fans was fantastic. It helped make the event even more memorable for all those attending.

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