Office Christmas Party Premiere

Holiday cheer was all around at the Office Christmas Party Premiere!

Every year when the holidays roll around, offices across the world get together for their annual holiday parties. As many of us know, the stories that come with these annual get togethers are priceless. To help kick off the holidays, THE FIRM, formerly known as Samantha Sackler Productions, teamed up with Paramount Pictures for the Red Carpet Premiere of Office Christmas Party, a holiday comedy created around one office’s wild night.

The idea behind the design was to create an over the top Christmas feel with a whole lot of red and green. The event featured comical bus shelters lining the red carpet with cartoon images of employees partying on top of the copy machine, and coworkers dancing with office recycling bins. The bus shelters were framed with red and green alternating ornaments and dressed with oversized, traditional Christmas lights hanging from each bus shelter standee.

Additional Christmas lights were hung between each bus shelter as well as above the bang boards also used to line the red carpet. When talent arrived, their first stop was at a 12′ x 10′ stage where Facebook Live was broadcasting the event. The stage as well as steps leading up to the stage were wrapped in red carpet with green and gold extra large ornaments on each end highlighting the steps. The backdrop of the stage was made from silver tinsel fabric with the Office Christmas Party logo spelled out using different sized christmas ornaments, alternating red and green letters. The vertical truss of the box truss around the stage was wrapped in green fabric and the horizontal truss in red. Strung across the top of the stage was strings of multicolored traditional christmas lights and hanging snowflakes of various sizes.

Since the carpet was outside, the THE FIRM team had solar flow heaters wrapped in red and green velon to match the event while providing a little warmth for guests of the carpet. The event also featured a festive Apple Cider Moscow Mule and Casamigo minis for guests to enjoy in the theater throughout the film.


Photos by Mike Greene Photography