Prisoners Premiere After Party

On September 12th, THE FIRM, formerly known as Samantha Sackler Productions, closed down a Beverly Hills street to begin setup for the Prisoners Premiere After Party. The film is a crime thriller about a father, Hugh Jackman, taking matters into his own hands as the Detective, Jake Gyllenhaal, doesn’t seem to have a lead in the search for his missing daughter. After

an intense film, we wanted to create a comfortable environment for guests to discuss the film after its premiere at the Academy. THE FIRM created an extension of the party at Spago Beverly Hills on North Canon Drive to accommodate the 700 guest count. We used the Gatsby Collection and custom sewn pillows from Designer8 Furniture Rental to tie in our overall color palette of tans, browns, and blues. From carpeting the street to custom pleated drapery around the perimeter, guests walked into a beautiful, relaxing environment.

Prisoners - 4

Prisoners - 5

“After a last minute venue change, we were given two weeks to plan this event, including closing down one of the busiest streets in Beverly Hills for 36 hours.”

–Samantha Sackler

Prisoners - 8