SOCIAL Designs Backstage at the Geffen 2014

As a presenting sponsor for the Geffen Playhouse’s annual Backstage Gala, SOCIAL designed a seated dinner at sunset for 400 guests. Tammy Ratner & Samantha Sackler chose a rich color palette of browns, tans and golds to act as the canvas for our décor. Custom chandeliers were designed using colorful artwork from playbills throughout the history of the Geffen Playhouse. Rich chocolate fabric was brought in and draped throughout the tent to make the space feel more intimate. Because the area where the dinner was held had such a large slope, we brought in over 6000 square feet of decking to level out the designated area; some of these decks were over nine feet high. By using a clear top tent and some carefully placed clear walls, we were able to showcase the beautiful view of both the Geffen Playhouse and the sunset over Westwood during the event. As the sun set over the course of the dinner, the beautiful chandeliers began to illuminate. After dinner in the tent, the guests entered the Geffen for the main performance. During this time, the SOCIAL team transformed the interior of the Geffen into a beautiful cocktail lounge by utilizing Designer8* furniture and enhancing the existing architecture of the Geffen with amber lighting.

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