Tarzan Premiere Party

In Warner Bros. newest movie, The Legend of Tarzan, it’s been nearly a decade since Tarzan left Africa to live in Victorian England with his wife Jane. Danger prowls on the horizon as Leon Rom, a treacherous envoy for King Leopold, devises a plan that lures the couple to the Congo. Rom plans to capture Tarzan and deliver him to an old enemy in exchange for diamonds. The cast includes Tarzan (played by Alexander Skarsgard), Jane (played by Margot Robbie), Leon Rom (played by Christoph Waltz), George Washington Williams (played by Samuel L. Jackson), and many more remarkable characters.


For the after party, THE FIRM, formerly known as Samantha Sackler Productions team transformed the Roosevelt Hotel Pool into a dense and lush jungle environment. As guests entered the space, they trekked through the dark dense jungle with over grown greenery and hanging vines. Small beams of light peaked down from the canopy top as if it were the sunlight reaching the base of the jungle floor. Once out of the jungle, guests entered the main space, where a custom made palapas structure was the main focus and also the central bar for the party. This sat on top of what usually is the Roosevelt Pool; however, we completely covered the pool to add additional space. While the pool area itself already has a tropical vibe, we brought in over 500 plants and vines, from various types of palms and bamboo, to an assortment of ferns and ivy, in order to completely immerse guests in a field surrounded by an overgrown jungle.




A brand new outdoor furniture collection was used for most of the VIP seating with the Barbados collection from designer8*, paired with woven style coffee tables like the Zulu and the Solei. The Lloyd bar fit perfectly under the custom Palapa Structure, but the event wouldn’t have been complete without the Bamboo Partitions that not only framed in the base of the bar structure, but also served as a backdrop to some of the VIP seating groups. We also created custom slip covers for the existing furniture at the hotel to help enhance the transformation.

We brought in real dark wood tables for the buffets and used copper and wooden serving dishes to carry the theme through. Each buffet had a collection of various african props from woven baskets to leather jugs, which added the final touch to the premiere.