The Key of Hope Gala 2016

This past weekend, the annual Key of Hope Gala was held by the Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN). THE FIRM, formerly known as Samantha Sackler Productions, had the opportunity to work with the non-profit organization for the second year in a row to create an evening dedicated to ending youth homelessness.

This year’s gala took place at Skyline 204 on the third floor terrace overlooking the Hollywood Hills. The evening began for guests upon arrival on the purple carpet. The cocktail reception began downstairs, where Designer8*’s new Rustic Bar was featured along with the new Sebastian Collection. The highlight of the downstairs cocktail reception was the beautiful paper sculptures that Artist Jeff Morrical had on display, especially for this event.  Guests then flowed up to the third floor where the silent auction took place benefiting the children of LAYN. The outdoor terrace was at first closed off to guests to save the surprise of the gorgeous dinner just as the sun set.

THE FIRM team transformed the outdoor space into a cozy and elegant backyard event. Hedges lined the perimeter of the outdoor patio to create an intimate setting. Inspirational oversized, cursive words representing the LAYN mission floated above the hedges. Finished wooden tables were used to create an elegant yet picnic-like dinner setting. Chameleon Chair’s La Corde Bronze with white suede, knit plum, knit Kelly green and suede ice blue cushions were used to incorporate the LAYN colors and add a pop to the outdoor design. Purple and white tulips, lisianthus, and wheat grass sat in planter boxes, designed by Gabriel Pacheco, to dress the tables alongside various sized pillar candles. To tie it all together, string lights were hung above the guests to give off the perfect amount of intimate light.

As the night progressed, guests enjoyed delicious food and amazing service from Paul’s Kitchen, while the night was filled with heartfelt speeches from the First Lady of Los Angeles, Amy Elaine Wakeland, and amazing performances put together by Chris Isaacson Presents, featuring India Carney from The Voice.

THE FIRM was proud and honored to be a part of this amazing night dedicated to such a good cause.

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