Turbo Premiere

DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo is the story about an ordinary garden snail whose dream of becoming the world’s fastest snail comes true. THE FIRM, formerly known as Samantha Sackler Productions, brought the raceway to life at the premiere in New York on July 9th. The carpet featured a full wall of graphics including a checkered pattern step and repeat, an oversized billboard graphic and custom build, silver poster frames. The talent entered the 150’ black carpet by crossing over the START line. Cutouts of each of the six snails were placed upon custom designed pedestals, bringing the snails up to eye level with the cast. At the end of the carpet stood a nine-foot tall 3D Turbo in the winners’ circle, complete with

a four-foot tall trophy. Inside the theater guests received a pair of light-up Turbo eye headbands to complete their experience all before watching the film.

Turbo Prem - 03

Turbo Prem - 04

Turbo Prem - 05