VidCon 2022

Absolutely loved collaborating with the Nickelodeon and Paramount+ teams on this year’s VidCon booth featuring Monster High The Movie. The guest journey began on the exterior of the booth in a haunted graveyard complete with real trees, headstones, wood gates and crackling leaves. Once inside the booth, guests went through a multi sensorial portal experience with special effects, lighting and audio elements that transport them to the immersive world of Monster High. The school set includes a grand hall with 3D backlit windows, custom floor decals, school banners and gallery wall; a locker room with functioning coffin shaped lockers with character themed elements, colorful overhead pendant lighting and custom banners; an interactive door room with unique areas for the three lead characters including dozens of specialty décor and prop items, a roaming photographer to capture guests engaging in the oversized cauldron photo moment and the custom bed-jumping activation, and an electrifying selfie station with vintage hair drying chair; and lastly an impressive wood paneled classroom designed with authentic science and history materials, traditional classroom seating, and a quiz experience allowing each guest to identify their true monster heart. Upon leaving the booth, guests are gifted with a branded swag including a graduation sash based on which monster their quiz revealed. The booth was heavily visited and generated even more buzz for the upcoming launch on October 6th. Thanks again to everyone who helped bring this impressive and ambitious vision to life!

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